Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let it snow... Again...

Today is the 13th recorded event of snowfall in the Kansas City area. Which is to say that it is snowing once again.

But stay optimistic, when it does snow there is a chance that work or school might be canceled. However, when it decides not to snow, you can always be grateful that you don't have to wake up early to shovel the walk or clean the car off.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Francis Semler resigns.

Francis Semler, The Funk's most debated choice for the Board of Park and Recreation has decided to step down from her post.

This decision comes after two conventions have threatened to pull their annual conventions out of the Kansas City Area. (The 2010 NAACP convention and the 2009 La Raza convention.)

Semler decided to resign after months of pressure and a council resolution against her. (See:

"I'm a decent, nice person that happens to belong to the Minutemen and thinks our borders should be protected and our laws upheld," Semler said in a Kansas City Star Article.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Light Rail in Kansas City? The Saga continues...

So in the continuing saga to get a good rail based commuter system into Kansas City, the latest development is...
Clay Chastain is suing the city on behalf of the petitioners who the city council has slapped in the face with its repeal of the initiative.

Now, the City Council has made a good enough plan that they will be presenting to the voters on a future ballot (They hope to have it in November, at the rate things are going it could be about November 2100 by the time it goes through).

In the meantime, the council needs to get a source of funding for the buses and so they have to renew the tax for the buses. This tax was set to expire in 2009, and will be put on the April 8th ballot.

However in the 2006 citizen referendum that created a funding source for the light rail , it was this same tax that was continued to be the funding source.

Clay Chastain has his faults. He has finally gotten the citizens to agree that they want light rail. He now needs to be flexible and let the city do their work to make light rail a reality.

His new lawsuit will only slow things down and decrease the likelihood that the light rail system will ever happen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ron Paul: The Responsible Choice

In this election year there are many choices vying for your important caucus vote.
I will throwing my vote to Ron Paul, the strict Constitutionalist. He's the leader for the future. He has the view for the future.
He stands for everything that the Republican party is supposed to believe in. He believes in small government, gun rights, a balanced budget and the right to life.
He has held the "Taxpayers' Best Friend" title from the National Taxpayers Union for his votes on minimizing spending.
Some people believe that a vote for Ron Paul is a wasted caucus vote. Opponents say that he can't raise enough money. However, on November 5th, Ron Paul's campaign used the internet to raise a record 4.3 Million dollars.
Oprah might support Obama, Chuck Norris supports Mike Huckabee, but the internet financially supports Ron Paul.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year, A New Blog

Monday I began the beginning of the end. This is the last semester of high school for me.

All I have left is to pass all of my classes in the next 5 months and 19 days (Not that I'm counting or anything!)

I am incredibly overjoyed at this achievement.

After graduating from high school I plan to go out into the world and begin to make a mark on the world. (Don't ask me how as of yet.)